Expert Testimony For Fee Hearings

Ramey & Kampf has been called upon to assist insurers and their counsel in defending against attorney fee claims or even in support of your claims for attorneys' fees. David B. Kampf has testified at hundreds of fee hearings as an expert and has been offered and accepted by the courts as a fee expert in counties throughout Florida. He is often hired to assist in settlement proceedings by assessing and analyzing an insurer's exposure to fees. He has testified in various types of proceedings to include bodily injury claims, personal injury protection, property damage and even physical torts.

We know the difficulty in obtaining experts, particularly at the last minute. We take every step possible to help assure we are able to provide opinions and testify for you, even if called upon on short notice. We believe the results speak for themselves and show that our involvement has greatly assisted in keeping fees to a minimum or assisting you in collecting most, if not all of your attorneys' fees related to any litigation.

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