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Insurance Fraud

Lawyers from Ramey & Kampf, P.A., have investigated and defended matters involving fraud perpetrated against insurance companies including patient brokering and the splitting of fees for healthcare services and diagnostic studies. We have investigated and defended multi-patient and multi-provider claims for:

  • Improper and/or unlawful MRIs;
  • Computerized muscle testing/range of motion testing;
  • EMGs and NCVs;
  • General overcharging and false charging, and
  • Improper reliance on chiropractic services and staged accidents.

The firm also investigates and defends claims of improper and unlawful licensing and registration of clinics.

Ramey & Kampf, P.A., has filed hundreds of suits seeking reimbursement of benefits paid in response to fraudulent and unlawful claims.

We have pursued suits through proceedings that have resulted in judgments against healthcare providers, diagnostic facilities and brokers of healthcare services. We have worked with various government agencies as well as providing the agencies results of the investigation.

We recover millions of dollars a year on behalf of insurance companies and continue to remain in the forefront of pursuing such claims. We look forward to confronting fraud and pursuing justice for you.

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