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Personal Injury Protection PIP Benefits

PIP Defense Lawyers

Ramey & Kampf, P.A., manages all claims pertinent to PIP defense. We have been in the forefront of handling and defending PIP claims for more than ten years. We have pursued and defended cases and issues that eventually appeared in the District Courts of Appeals as well as the Florida Supreme Court. Our PIP practice has led us to handle various matters including:

  • The filing of Petitions to Compel Records/Pure Bills of Discovery;
  • The defense of claims and the filing of lawsuits to declare patient brokering and fee-splitting activities illegal and/or non compensable;
  • The defense of claims and the filing of lawsuits based on unlicensed and unregistered practices of health care clinics;
  • Unlawful self-referrals by healthcare providers;
  • The filing of declaratory relief actions to address numerous issues including coverage and policy defenses;
  • The pursuit of claims to address the relationships between PIP insurance and worker's compensation insurance;
  • The defense of thousands of claims based on the discontinuation of care, failure to attend independent medical exams, failure to attend EUOs;
  • The opposition to unnecessary diagnostic studies, unreasonable or unlawful charges and various other issues that arise in PIP claims;
  • The defense of suits based on allegations of slander/defamation.

Our attorneys always address the entire insurance contract and billing records to analyze and determine if the policy was actually in force and whether the coverage extends to the type and amount of treatment provided.

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