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Over the past decade, the legal field has been profoundly affected by the extensive progress within the field of technology. We at Ramey & Kampf, P.A., are dedicated to providing cutting edge technology so that we may provide the best service to our clients. We feature state of the art desktops and laptops. We provide several layers of security to the information contained in our file server through a secure VPN tunnel on CISCO equipment with local intrusion detection on the end node device. Virus protection is provided on various levels as well. Our firm possesses the latest technology in the field of presentation ability. Our domain is located at www.defendfloridainsurance.com.

Additionally, our staff features onsite network support that is backed up by a regional systems administration consulting firm. Currently, our firm is preparing for a major conversion to utilize the latest case management software available. In short, our goal is to utilize the latest appropriate technology in order to maximize efficiency and improve the quality of services provided, while reducing costs to our clients.

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