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Latest Jury Trial Suspension Notices

First Circuit – Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties – Suspension through April 1, 2021 Second Circuit – Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, and Wakulla – Suspension through February 1, 2021 Fifth Circuit – Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, and Sumter Countries – Suspension through January 18, 2021 Sixth Circuit – Pinellas and Pasco – No specific […]

Insurance Defense 101: Top Things You Need to Know

What Is an Insurance Defense Attorney?  Insurance law includes a wide variety of issues relating to insurance policies. In general, an insurance defense attorney deals with three main categories as related to insurance: determining when insurance companies must pay claims, ensuring policyholders are protected when sued and consulting with insurance companies to confirm that they […]

Premises Liability Claims: What Are They?

Property owners are responsible for maintaining a relatively safe environment so that individuals who come onto the property don’t suffer any injuries. This responsibility, also known as premises liability, holds property owners and/or residents liable for any accidents and injuries that occur on their property.  It’s important to note that while you may be injured […]

What Is Litigation? Everything You Need to Know

Litigation is initiated between two opposing parties looking to enforce or defend a legal right. Typically, matters are settled by an agreement between the parties but may also move to a court to be heard and decided by a jury and/or judge. Here is everything you need to know to better understand the full process of […]

Motor Vehicle Fatality Rates Increasing during Pandemic

You have probably noticed less vehicle traffic but more pedestrians and bicyclists on our roads while making your essentials-only trip to the local store over the last several months. When states implemented stay-at-home orders throughout the nation due to COVID-19, motor vehicle traffic dramatically reduced on our nation’s roadways. By mid-April, vehicle traffic was down […]

Shatterproof? Chipping Away at Florida Glass Claims

Fla. Stat. §627.7288 requires auto insurers to repair or replace damaged windshields without applying a deductible allowing insured drivers with comprehensive coverage to repair or replace their windshield without any out of pocket cost. The Florida legislature has not created a statutory scheme for processing glass claims, unlike Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Personal Injury Protection […]

#COVID-19 Company Update

To our valued clients, partners and community: In this unprecedented time, we face circumstances that affect our businesses, employees and clients’ lives, which change daily. We are closely following events surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic which include decisions made at the National, State and Local government levels. At Ramey & Kampf PA, we have taken […]

Griselda Rubio v. State Farm

December 20, 2019, PIP, invalid pre-suit demand, failure to comply with conditions precedent, Summary Judgment Style: Spine Correction f/k/a Alignlife a/a/o Griselda Rubio v. State Farm Venue: County Court, Polk County, Florida On May 13, 2018, State Farm’s insured, Griselda Rubio, was a restrained passenger in a motor vehicle involved in a rear end collision […]